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Lesson scheduling is subject to weather and ocean conditions.

Stand Up Paddle Lessons

59164633Learn to stand up paddle with the best instructors in Malibu. We provide all the equipment and knowledge to make you a great stand up paddler. We will teach you to properly launch, navigate and have fun. Ocean safety skills and local knowledge are also covered. We want you to have fun and be safe so you can have many great experiences in the ocean. We give lessons at various Malibu beaches depending on conditions. We ensure your success or you do not have to pay.  Stand up paddle lessons cost $100 per person for a 2 hour lesson.  We do both group and private lessons.

Surfing Lessons

2 Surfing lessons are the best way to learn to surf the correct way. We will teach you everything you need to know to have fun and be safe while you enjoy the ocean. We teach all the techniques to pop up, paddle, duck dive  and get into position to catch waves. You will have a great time and develop the needed skills to become a great surfer. Surf lessons cost $100 per 2 hour lesson. Board and wetsuit are included.

Kite surfing lessons

59055994We teach Kite surfing in a series of approximately 6 lessons that include: Training kite, Flying the kite on the beach, Body dragging with kite in the water and Kite with board on the water. We also teach self rescue and proper set up and maintenance of the kite gear. The kite lessons are $100 per hour and when you’re done you will be able to safely set up, launch and fly your kite. This is the most fun and exciting of all the water sports.

Contact us at (310) 433-1767 to learn more about our lessons & rentals in Malibu, California or email radfishmalibu@gmail.com